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Customer service:
  Service is the product of the second creation! To ensure that customers buy felt relieved, with peace of mind, yongchang machinery fully implementing the whole optimal service.
Before sale:
  Professional sales personnel for you in detail the effect of various products and application method, and according to the different situation of customers for your business budget and planning advice.
  Senior personnel and training center to provide you with comprehensive technical advice and training, fully understand the performance characteristics of products, on-site training in field practice. Make you not only buy the equipment, also mastered the technology.
After sale:
  Specially equipped with a batch of professional and experienced service personnel all-the-way tracking service, solve customers in the process of using equipment problems, meet customers' different requirements.

  Yongchang machinery service network is increasingly developing,our goal:Close to the international advanced printing equipment industry, create yongchang machinery brand products and services worldwide.


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